Applications of Air Oil Coolers

Applications of Air Oil Coolers

Air oil cooling is the use of engine oil as a coolant. The most typical applications involve using these means as a way of removing surplus heat from an engine, usually a combustion engine.

Air oil coolers/heat exchangers operate by the engine in relation transferring heat to the oil when is then transferred into the heat exchanger. The oil being transferred is then cooled and passed back into the engine, which is hot due to being in operation for it to cool off. Heat exchangers play a huge role in the overall efficiency of engines as they ensure overheating, which can lead to catastrophic situations doesn’t occur.

Air oil coolers can be used in several ways ranging from automobile to agriculture and industrial. Depending on the equipment used, air oil coolers can always be considered a great option to regulate the temperature of the equipment being used.

Automobile hydraulics.

Air oil coolers can be applied in several ways but are more predominant in hydraulic engine systems, whereby they come in the form of small radiators with which operate during intervals while the engine is in operation. A very common application of Air oil cooling is in the case of high-performance motorbikes which are not liquid cooled as practiced by Suzuki in the 1980s which applied this cooling means for the GSX-R line of sportbikes.

Industrial application.

Air oil coolers are also applicable in the industrial sector. Oil has a higher boiling point than water, which makes it suitable in a development setting. Industries require the use of different types of machinery which work around the clock to meet up with production targets, and with the equipment, almost always in operation there needs to be a sufficient cooling procedure to ensure they not only operate at peak efficiency but also do no breakdown unexpectedly and Oil coolers offer such assurance.

Gearbox application.

Oil coolers are also used in regulating the temperature of the gearbox in automobiles. The gearbox is an integral part of any engine and applying oil coolers as a means of regulating temperature ensures that there are rarely performance issues. This application is common in most trucks today whereby the gear system not only uses oil as a lubricant to ensure gears move freely when commanded to but also that they don’t heat up unnecessarily when in operation.

Agriculture assistive tools.

Oil coolers are also used in heat regulation within agricultural equipment. Oil cooling isn’t limited to automobile and engine application but also works just as good in static machinery.

Air oil coolers are applicable through several ways as stated above and with numerous benefits such as its Lubrication properties, its less corrosive properties as opposed to water, and its ability to cool items at a temperature of 100 °C or higher.

Oil coolers offer impeccable features and application means, looking to get one? 

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